Mystic Words August 2016 answers

Despite the normal packs, Mystic Words has also free-daily puzzles.
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Mystic Words August 2016 answers

Mystic Words daily: August 10, 2016 answers

  1. Having a high price
  2. Made an inquiry about
  3. A wicked and inhuman person
  4. A deceiver
  5. Cause to turn
  6. Forming a right angle
  7. Deviating from a straight course

Mystic Words daily: August 9, 2016 answers

  1. Railing around the ship stern
  2. In accord with the latest fad
  3. Pain along the sciatic nerve
  4. Conceited
  5. An officer in the air force
  6. Forceful prevention
  7. A trainer of hawks

Mystic Words daily: August 8, 2016 answers

  1. Rights reserved by a particular group
  2. Book cover
  3. Shabby
  4. Loosen by turning
  5. Fast
  6. A workhorse used as a pack animal
  7. Made to resemble

Mystic Words daily: August 7, 2016 answers

  1. The man serves on a jury
  2. Lays eggs in carrion
  3. Acted properly
  4. The inner surface of the hand
  5. Force to do
  6. Worthy of pride
  7. All add up

Mystic Words daily: August 6, 2016 answers

  1. British writer of short stories
  2. Abroad away from home
  3. Personal worth
  4. Monkey puzzle tree genus
  5. Robin goodfellow
  6. Without pity
  7. A small pointed piece of wood

Mystic Words daily: August 5, 2016 answers

  1. A large amount of wealth
  2. Tasmanian-born actor Errol
  3. Giving of bubbles
  4. Ophelia’s brother
  5. Who pay and receive services
  6. Be a symbol
  7. Acquired as your own

Mystic Words daily: August 4, 2016 answers

  1. Cast
  2. A wart
  3. Set down as a rule
  4. City in the northern part of Oregon
  5. Impressive in appearance
  6. A hired hand who tends cattle
  7. Popular garden flower

Mystic Words daily: August 3, 2016 answers

  1. A native or inhabitant of Australia
  2. Find them in the pyramid
  3. Ill-tempered or annoyed
  4. In an opulent manner
  5. Flat pancake
  6. List of dishes
  7. In a despicable manner

Mystic Words daily: August 2, 2016 answers

  1. Giving freely
  2. To confine in
  3. Severely simple in design
  4. In a peevish manner
  5. The ship’s officer
  6. Full of mental distress
  7. Cooking utensil of enameled iron

Mystic Words daily: August 1, 2016 answers

  1. European languages
  2. Bareness, plainness
  3. Gain points in a game
  4. Former province of western France
  5. Entered and robbed a dwelling
  6. A curved section
  7. A notable achievement

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